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Don't Drink So Much Water

For a change, I'm going to get into my habit of cutting up posts, because it's so much more fun to argue that way. It's weird responding to the whole thing, people don't always know what statement I'm referring to. A lot more effort sticking in all the bolding and italic tags though...

She told me how she lost her extra 40 pounds. Number one, she went to a Chinese accupuncturist and he told her to stop gulping so much water.

I know how you love acupuncture Matt, and drinking less water makes you lose weight? How interesting...

Stop gulping the gallon or more of water per day. It's hard on your system. It fills you up but it does not nourish you.

If nourishment was the goal, I'd probably be drinking fruit juice. Water is not meant to nourish, it is needed by the body to circulate its many fluids.

Have a few glasses of pure water when needed. But throughout the day, sip green or white tea, instead. White tea is less refined than green and has less caffeine, but nevertheless, due to the huge amount of catechins in green and white tea - there is, in my opinion, a HUGE thermogenic effect.

Cold water has a huge thermogenic effect too, so what? Why is tea so much better?

I'm going to be putting together a product on this very issue in the near future, so stay tuned. But for now, mark this Fure-cat's words. You don't need to be gulping all that water anymore.

Oh, so that's why. I get it. You don't sell water do you?

As the Chinese say, "Tis hard on your kidneys."

The Chinese don't say that. If you'd like to go to medicine, then yes, too much water can be hard on your kidneys. More accurately, too much liquid is. In fact, too much TEA is. Water strains the kidneys the least of all liquids because there's nothing to filter out of them, you need it to keep the kidneys functioning, as long as you don't overdo the kidney's ability to process water (which is something like 32 gallons a day if spread out) there's no problem.

Now, over the course of a day you may imbibe several glasses of green or white tea. Personally, I have a lot - but it is not as the schmexperts recommend - "pure water with nothing in it."

WHAT schmexperts? Only some health nuts say that, in fact, YOU said that. Standard medicine and dieticians say that the 8 glasses can come from any source, even meat and vegetables (there's just not as much). I think it's probably more than 8 depending on health and activity, but I also agree with that principal. Congrats Matt, you're mainstream.

As for the other things, coffee, diet colas, sports drinks, water with sucralose of Splenda - I remain unwavering in my opinion. Don't drink them. They pollute and clog your system.

So are the normal colas okay then? =P Anyway, I don't think coffee is so bad. It doesn't pollute or clog your system, that's stupid. It's a stimulant and might get you too on edge of your nerves, but that's it. It's very similar to tea. I'm not sure about sucralose, I've read bad stuff and good stuff but I'll stay away until it's been around long enough to be definately proven good or bad. New things we should test on the rats for a while.
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