tyciol (tyciol) wrote in mattfurey,

Over a year

I sort of forgot about this community, maybe it could be used for something. I resubscribed about a month ago, I decided to just give in to spam and came up with a thing where I highlight 100 emails and unclick ones I want to read, which means stuff like Furey doesn't make a difference for extra hassle.

So, basically Furey or someone representing him contacted Wikipedia and got the article pulled, probably because they didn't like the criticism. I wish Bullshido could get pulled in on protesting that.

Anyway, reading his stuff recently, he's recently launched some 777 thing where he sells 7 things for thousands of dollars... it's kind of pricey, but hey, that's Matt Furey. You gotta pay him a hundred bucks to watch him and his kid do pushups in china, so that they can keep going to china.
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