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'How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?'

(Note: I cut out a lot of Matt's chat so I can just present what he's actually saying, I find it better this way.)

I generally arise between 7 and 9 a.m. Sometimes much later - depending on when I hit the hay. On the other end of the spectrum, I generally sack out around midnight ...or somewhere between 1 and 3 a.m. One thing is certain though, once I take the evening plop - I'm out like a light for a good eight hours. Occasionally seven - but almost always eight. There's good reason for spending eight hours between the sheets. And the reasons extend way beyond "that's the way it is."

Obesity and lack of sleep, for example, run hand in hand. Your body needs sleep in order to release growth hormone. If you don't get enough sleep, no growth hormone - very little repair of the body - mucho stressola place on the body - all of it spells n-o-t g-o-o-d.

Another health problem that runs hand-in-hand with sleep deprivation is diabetes. Want to increase the likelihood of developing Type II diabetes, then don't get enough sleep, eat lots of starch and sugar - and never, ever, ever exercise.

(S)pending 1/3 of one's life in bed sleeping does sound like it's excessive. But you do not extend your life through sleep deprivation. Nor do you improve your health and well-being. Your body needs to rejuvenate, repair and replenish each day. Not giving your body time to do so displays complete ignorance about how the body functions. It violates Nature's Laws.

So get some sleep. Sleep 7-8 hours or more per night. And if you feel like it, take power
naps during the day. I frequently take one - sometimes two.

A neat article, and yay, he quotes growth hormone, which is quite a true thing. One thing left unmentioned is the important of REM for the mind's stability, and of general rest for the body to heal (though that's not really a major important factor of sleep, the body gets by without it, it just needs the REM and Growth Hormone, and maybe mental rest for sanity.

Having had trouble with sleep myself, I know when I'm on a regular schedule I feel much better, and it comes highly recommended for that reason. Once again, MF's newsletter reiterates some useful common sense for anyone who hasn't heard it before...
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