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Which Way Should Your Toes Point When You Walk?

This is actually a really old one, from December 14, 2004 (I've been on the list a long time I guess... heh). I noticed there were some old newsletters I found worth keeping and stuff, but my e-mail's rather cluttered and it'd be easier for me to find them here anyway, plus any personal notes and responses, plus I get to share it with all of you (2, hopefully more in the future!)

(unless otherwise mentioned, when I put something in italics, that means I am quoting Matt Furey, in this case, his newsletter. As such I won't be signing his name, as it would be a waste of space. I also cut out anything I find unessential to the article, such as jokes, testimonials from customers, and extensive analogies, otherwise it'd be too huge to read with my posting these all the time)

Which Way Should Your Toes Point When You Walk?

How does the person stand? Is he slump shouldered or squared? Is he hunch back, sway back or a little off center? Does his spine appear connected to the rest of his body? What are his facial expressions like? Do his eyes glow with happiness and excitement or do they look sad? How does he shake hands? What is the quality of his voice? Does he genuinely smile or just fake a smile? How does he use his hands when he
speaks? A little, a lot or not at all? What direction do his feet point when he walks or stands?

A great deal of the person's past and a definite idea about where his mind is at in the present moment, I believe that if you practice walking across the room, you'll have your answer. (O)ne of my earliest gong fu teachers used to say he could instantly tell how skilled someone was by observing the way he walked. If he saw you walking with feet pointing outward he would say, 'This guy not well trained in gong fu.' Truth is that 'how to walk' is one of the first things a good gong fu teacher will show you.

If your toes point out a bit when you do the (Hindu) squats that's nothing to worry about. In fact, for some squats that I teach, esp. for women, the toes are pointed outward for other reasons. You're working specific muscles a certain way to strengthen a weak area - or you are in that position because it helps you keep your spine straight. But when you walk - that's different.

Most people are totally unconscious of how they walk and the signal it sends. I'll cover more about this in the future.

Now I can't remember if he actually did cover it in the future, I can't personally remember... maybe I'll find it if he did :p

Anyway, that's some good advice I guess. More a physiopsychological thing, nothing to do with muscles really, but focus. I still like to walk with my feet outwards though, I like feeling the stretch, and like it if people might think I'm a bit unfocused. That way they don't expect how focused I really am :D
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