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Five Second Abs: The Debate Continues

Some say you can spot reduce, especially the abs and buttocks - others say you can't. The striking thing about the "can't" crowd is that they have never done the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener, nor have they ever followed the Magnificent Seven routine in Combat Abs. Yet, the "know" the truth.

Funny thing is this: Those who say I'm wrong on this one are the same people who claimed that Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and bridging - the Royal Court of Combat Conditioning - cannot possibly get you fit, make you stronger, and so on. And they were and are dead wrong.

Here's why the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener works; here's why it tightlines the waistline so quickly ... and it's not simply because you're exercising your abs. There are a billion exercises for the abs and although all can strengthen the abs, none work like Farmer Burns.

Here's why: The Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener is, first and foremost, a deep breathing exercise - not a muscular exercise. The deep breathing part of the exercise brings oxygen into the body. What does this additional oxygen do? Well, first off, it energizes the body.

Second, it warms up the body - thereby cranking your metabolic thermostat to a new level of heat. Many people break into a major sweat after a couple reps of the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener - this doesn't happens from crunches or situps.

Third, the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener dramatically improves digestion. If you do the exercise first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, as I advise, you'll find out that "regularity" improves - and quickly. Hmm. Let me see: If a person is irregular - and they start doing an exercise that makes them regular - hmmm - could that contribute to lost inches - and possibly, lost weight? Inquring minds want to know.

It is my opinion, and this may sound a bit strange, but I believe that the deep breathing exercises in Combat Abs act as sort of a "cosmic fiber." Bring in the additional heat in the form of oxygen - squeeze the abs, and you may find out that a lot of things start to change for you internally - as well as externally.

We know that adding real dietary fiber to the diet can help people lose weight, reduce cholesterol, etc. But few people discuss the positive effects of bringing additional heat into the body, in the form of oxygen - then combining that oxygen with powerful abdominal contractions. I happen to be someone who will discuss it.

This e-mail I felt made a lot more sense. It explains Matt's line of thinking... or maybe he's backpedalling, who knows. Now, the stuff he says here actually DOES make sense. First and second are the same thing, actually, not separate points. Oxygen brings energy to the body. Energy (actually not energy, FEELING energetic) doesn't burn fat. It motivates you and gives you the ability (and endurance) to exercise. The exercise is still what actually burns the fat to produce actual heat/kinetic energy. If he means that the oxygen has heat in it by the second point, well that's just wrong too... oxygen isn't heat, it's used to produce heat, you can't create heat without it, but it won't force it if there isn't a spark.

Digestion, sure, that makes sense, I've heard that about much abdominal exercise. The Burns' Stomach Flattered, since it works out muscles in the abdomen we normally don't even TOUCH, should do that in a unique and exemplary way, especially since it's an internal muscle, and thus much closer to the organs it's going to squeeze and stuff to get conditioned for battle (digestion).

I have three problems with Matt though: First, he's using the idea the the Stomach Flattener aids in burning fat to imply that all other spot-reduction exercises work, when as he's explained in his points, the tension in the stomach area isn't the reason fat is lost, it's what the OXYGEN does and the DIGESTIVE STIMULATION and the HEAT (which is still just oxygen) does that aids in burning fat.

The second problem, is like I said, it AIDS, it's not burning fat directly. It's giving the body what it needs, oxygen, and helping you digest food better so it won't hold so much damn food and make you constipated, but that's just getting rid of weight and improving health, not getting rid of fat. Food in the digestive system isn't fat.

The third problem, is that his explanation of the benefits of the Burns' Stomach Flattener, while true (albeit badly presented), don't prove at all that the stomach flattener isolates burning stomach fat at all. The posters who incited these e-mails are right, it sucks in the gut from the tighter muscles and the lack of extra food in the stomach/intestines might give some extra room and less bulge, but it does absolutely nothing in isolating belly fat. There is no spot burning, and he hasn't proven or supported the case at all.
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