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Can You Burn Fat in a Sauna?

1. Your skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body. When you work up a good sweat in the sauna, your body is cleansed of impurities. With the impurities cleansed from your body, your system is much more efficient. This is why many people will tell you that they get over a cold faster with a daily sauna.

2. In the sauna, I like to do some some deep breathing exercises, and I believe the results I get from doing so are faster than when I do them in a normal "climate."

3. When I enter the sauna - my body is forced to adapt to the heat. It adapts by trying to cool off - but even while doing so, there can be no doubt that my own metabolic heat is cranked up considerably. Can this, over time, lead to greater fat loss? I believe so.

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1. I fully agree, good health is always good for weight loss. I wouldn't focus on it for weight loss, but for health. Fat is a great thing, the body keeps it when it knows it will need the energy because it's sick, maybe a hormone thing or a stress thing.

2. That's a great habit Matt, but... why do you believe the results are better? Any reason?

3. The body does heat up. Metabolic heat does not. Metabolism is the body's consumption of fuel for energy. In the case of the sauna, the heat is coming from the outside, the body isn't expending any energy (fat) to cool itself down, and it certainly won't expend any to make itself hotter. The reason 'ramping up the metabolism' is vaunted as such a great weight loss method, is that the body spends energy to heat itself to its preferred temperature, or to maintain muscle mass. If anything, being extremely COLD will make you lose weight, because the body spends energy shivering and burning fat so that it won't get hypothermic...
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