tyciol (tyciol) wrote in mattfurey,

A Real Butt-Slapper

Your butt cheeks, just like your hands, feet and ears and every other area of the body, are loaded with pressure points. And when you give these pressure points a good crack in the proper manner, your body responds by flooding you with greater qi flow, more energy and improved health.

You can sit on your rumpus all day long and think this is stimulating you, but it's not. Give yourself
a whack in the right places and you'll know the difference between sitting on your arse and truly opening up to a whole new world.

Seems strongly interrelated with his chinese long-life system, which he of course markets, and then attributes Janet Jackson's body musculature to hitting her ass and stomach a lot through supporting a user's quote. Matt has done this before, with the 'punching the gut' thing in combat abs. I've seen similar analogies made by pavel tsatsouline, using impacts to make one more aware of how to tense certain areas of the body. It would never be my choice for consistant training though, merely an introduction. 1. being the pain, but 2. being lack of measurable progress like repetition and weight and leverage have.

Again, the long-life system I'm a bit doubting of, as despite my interest in alternative medicine and naturopathic fields such as acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, etc. (which this long-life system seems to be comprised of, highly overpriced), I've yet to independantly verify these ideas enough to myself that I believe in them.

Still, if it makes you feel good, do it, and give Matt another 100 bucks so he can take another trip to China. I guess I'm just tired of all this 'sex secrets' and 'long life' and wish he'd get back to presenting interesting forms of FITNESS.
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