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Deep Breathing + Dynamic Power, Bird Flu B.S., and a letter

Before I go onto my newest compilation of newsletter response commentary, I'd like to encourage any of the other three members to please post their opinions, positive or negative, of Matt Furey's products as well as to critique any responses I have. I admit, I have negative feelings about Mr. Furey, and bias is unacceptable! Therefore, if I ever make a false claim, or an unjust criticism, I must be caught for it. Now, onward...

(note: I only post a portion of the newsletter which relates to any claims by furey and any backup I feel is relevant to it, since they are full of many wonderful inspirational stories and anecdotes, this may make them less extravagant than when in their original form. Sorry, but if I posted it all, it would be hard to pick out the points I am responding to, and also take up far too much room).

In and ofitself, being lean is undesireable. Here's why: A lot of very lean people think they're healthier than others because they don't have much body fat; yet these same weenies have very little LIFE FORCE. They have almost zero power. Much of this can be gauged from a simple handshake. When a weenie shakes your hand pay attention to what you feel. What I'm checking for is the level of vibrancy or electricity in the person's hand.

Case in point is the health care guy I mentioned, he gave a fairly firm handshake, but there was no electricity. In fact, his hands sent out sort of a numb and chilly energy. That's saying a lot when it's 100 degrees out, don't you think. At another time the guy put his hand on my shoulder the hand was darn near lifeless. Might as well have put a skeleton's hand on me. It didn't feel much different.

There are many reasons someone who eats nothing but the perfect diet and does a ton of cardio can be so devoid of vibrant power. The soundest one is the guy doesn't do deep breathing exercises. When you breathe deeply and fully and do so from various stances and positions, you quickly change the vibration level of your mind and body.

I taught a group of men some deep breathing exercises who did them for a few minutes. Afterward they felt energy running up and down their spines, tingling sensations in their hands and heat coming from the bottoms of their feet. Two hours after they were still feeling this.

You cannot ONLY eat your way to vibrant health. That's like putting fuel in a tank and never starting the engine. Exercise is king but it's got to be the right kind. Especially not long-distance running. Unless you're balancing your running with powerful bodyweight exercises as well as dynamic stretching and deep breathing you're running down the wrong road.

I cannot emphasize how much editing that took to cut it down and get to the point of what he was saying, and to remove the advertisements to his books (I've included a link to his site in the group's info, if you want anything you can get it that way, this is generally just for people who already know about his products and newsletter and want to discuss it, not an advertising medium).

It must be identified that the reason he may make so many of these claims is to promote his books, but that's to be expected, especially if he does believe in them. This is not to be criticized, but it must be noted that whenever he says something like 'bodyweight exercises', 'dynamic stretching', and 'deep breathing', he's referring solely to his own methods. This should be obvious.

It's time to add some more info, and I think I'll start off by linking to a public domian copy of Farmer Burns' course on physical culture. This is free. Matt didn't buy anything to produce it. He has no rights on Farmer Burns' material. What he sells, and has rights to, is his PRESENTATION of Farmer Burns' material. This is why he has to sell it as a 'course' with videos. All this deep breathing stuff is rehashed Farmer Burns stuff, which you can evaluate totally separately from Matt Furey, and realize that he's selling something for $40 american that is free for the world to read, and widely available on the internet.

So, where do I start with this article? First off, he's using pseudo-science to promote deep breathing, but hey reader, that could be your bag. He says being lean alone is undesirable. Anyone suffering from anorexia or exercise bulemia can tell you that. Leanness should not be to the extreme of a level of bodyfat so low it interferes with health. There should also be adequate muscle to move the frame comfortably, instead of relying on joint and bone as many do.

Cancer patients are often incredibly lean, so obviously health is key and in its own area of balance between lean and fat, but more importantly, resulting from nutrition. I find it horrid how he'd criticize a man as being unhealthy for relying on cardio and nutrition for health, and saying that what he's missing is... DEEP BREATHING. Woo. Odds are Mr. Nutrition has actually tried it. Did he ask? Nope. Views of electricity and clamminess are more mental than anything, and certainly not influenced bodily by breathing patterns. Breathing can, however, affect the way a person things, stress levels and so forth, and someone who breaths calmly and collectively will seem more in control and dynamic to others. This is not the way Matt has worded it though, and this must be identified.

Stretching is a good idea though. I've seen Matt's kind of stretching though, and have found other methods to be far more indepth and useful. In Chinese Acrobats, he promotes bouncing. While the contortion of the ladies is lovely, I fear that they are the few genetically gifted enough not to be dangered by the dangerous ballistic stretching they practice (all others just drop out of circus school as cripples), or stand to suffer serious impairment later in life due to the unsafe unscientific yet extremely effective (in contorting out of position) method of ballistic stretching.

I find it incredible that this so-called pandemic has progressed from a bit of concern to full out vaccination procedures. The vaccine they're getting ready to pitch just might kill more people than it helps.

We only need to look back at the Swine Flu a couple decades ago. The vaccination for Swine Flu killed far more people than it helped. In fact, I doubt there is a shred of evidence that the vaccine helped anyone. Afterall, how can you prove it did. It wasn't really much of a problem to begin with.

I spoke with some friends in China about their chickens. I wanted to be sure that these chickens don't have
bird flu. They had no idea about what I was talking about. That is not because the government is controlling the news. Uh hm - like our government has NOTHING to do with the daily bird flu b.s. we're watching or listening to.

Don't listen to all the b.s. about bird flu. Take your daily dose of anti-oxidants and I'm betting you ain't a gonna have no bird flu problem. Screw all those nit-wits that don't have anything good to report. Turn the idiot-box off buy my Chinese Long-Life System and it'll do you far more good.

Anyone familiar with the seductions of conspiracy theory can see how this takes a totally indirect approach to dealing with the real issue, evading it with a comparison to one failure, assuming all other things will be failures when that is far from the truth. Much as I'd love the controversy, Flu Shots probably aren't there to sap our wills and kill our immune systems. Reality is certainly so sinister, but you still can't go assuming things like that. The primary idea here would be to prove that antioxidants and the chinese system make you immune to bird flu. Good luck Matt, but until you get some legitimate trials I'm not even going to bother arguing, this kind of statement isn't even worth that. It's potentially kililng some of your customers. I do hope you'll hold a memorial page on your website in case anyone dies of bird flu. That or... you'll ignore it, like every other negative testimony EVER sent into your site, including my own and those of many others I've talked to.

On a final note, here's a letter responce Matt put in his newsletter:
Matt, I'm a trans-sexual and love your programs. Is there any way you can put me in touch with others on your list that are like me. Tanks.

Violet, not a chance.

What a total ass, eh? I'm surprised he wouldn't recommend the Furey Faithful though. I guess it doesn't apply then.
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