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Conquer Fear Now

I altered the recent entry because as always, he takes a while to get to the point, and has a lot of negative thinking to lead to conclusions, and way too many line breaks, but the talk is still very good. Matt Furey is an excellent motivational speaker, that's why I'm willing to druge through his endless ads for weird products that likely don't work, for the inspiration.

The more you conquer your physical body through exercise, the easier it is to conquer anything else in your life. There's a reason for this, too. Although we tend to divide everything into the compartments of mind, body - and so on - what IF - and this is a profound question - what IF they are one in the same. I suggest that they are, and I'm not alone, in this idea. In fact, it goes back thousands of years. Train the body and you simultaneously train the mind.

The purpose of exercise is to increase awareness of your thoughts - and of your feelings - and of how you look, move, stretch, and so on. Those who follow what I'm talking about KNOW that you can eliminate and banish fear via exercise, not to mention depression and a host of other negatives.

Plow through the mental "stuff" that comes up while you train - pay attention to your feelings and where they manifest in your body. When you're doing hard exercises what would happen if you changed what you thought while you did these exercises. If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and changed them to the positive, you would plow through the quagmire and hit another level of fitness.

And when you do this, you'll understand, in your mind and body, that you can do this same sort of thing in ANY AREA of YOUR LIFE. If you've got the guts to conquer your body, you've got the guts to conquer any area of life you so choose. Conversely, those who do not choose to conquer their body - and ironically, you conquer your body by getting in harmony with it (another lesson someday soon) - cannot conquer much else. Yes, there is greatness and power that comes from being able to rule your own roost.

Any thoughts or comments group members? You're silent. Anyway, I've been neglecting Livejournal, I'll see if I can't review one of his actual books sometime soon... oh yeah... *checks out Caydenza's logs*
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