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Sexual Energy and Image

Matt Furey has harnessed it, and it stretches out and draws things to him. Case in point:

- -
Y'all want to hear more on sex and self-image. It may stretch your mind to a
few new dimensions - but isn't that what sex energy does? As your sexual energy increases the world changes around you.

- -
I was out for my internal power walk trekking at my typical clip when a young lady ran past me
with her dog. They were about 20 meters ahead of me, for some odd reason the dog stopped in his tracks and sat on the ground looking back at me. The lady ran in place whilst waiting, but the dog just sat there until I was a couple feet away. He then sprung to his paws, stuck his tongue out and licked my calf. I continued walking and as I did so the young lady said to her dog, "Ah, you just wanted to say hello, huh? Good dog. Nice dog."

- -
I went for breakfast by myself and two young waitresses came to my table to ask questions about their lives. I enjoyed talking to them - yet that's as far as it goes. Many of you wrote and asked if this was like Napoleon Hill's sex transmutation. Well, yes and no. It's transmuting sexual energy, without a doubt - just not the way he explained it.
- -
I believe that in millenia past, a burly man of Matt Furey's calibur would have likely been a warlord sultan who would have to struggle at refusing thousands of women from entering his palace aspiring to be part of his harem.
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